10/6/17PM Trudeau to Washington DC and Mexico
5/11/15Obama to nominate Lewiston native to head Federal Highway Administration
2/16/15To cross-border trade – and beyond
2/13/15PBOA Traffic 2015 January
2/12/15U.S. Transportation Dept pushes tough oil train standards
2/5/15Border program affects Canadian visits
2/5/15Peace Bridge pre-inspections reveal outdated Customs effort
2/4/15 Vehicle tolls to finance Detroit-Windsor bridge plaza
1/27/15Bad neighbour policy could leave both Canada and U.S. as losers
1/21/15Delays coming to border crossing in Sarnia, Ont
1/20/15North Dakota proposes border-crossing driver’s license
1/20/15As Peace Bridge pilot project comes to a close, Higgins calls for swift review and action on pre-inspection
1/19/15Changes at US-Canada border allows gov’t to track length of trip
1/16/15US truckborne trade with Canada increases, spot market surges
1/12/15US customs and border protection receives $3m in funding to test biometric exit app
1/6/15The renewed push for deeper North American Integration