Annual Report 2018

Who We Are

The Eastern Border Transportation Coalition (EBTC) is made up of transportation agencies from the states of Michigan, New York, Vermont and Maine and the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, dedicated to improving the flow of people and goods across the Canada – US border.

EBTC works with US and Canadian federal, state and provincial governments, as well as a network of stakeholders, to identify and address the cross-border needs of business and citizens. These needs include improved physical border infrastructure, reduced processing times, expansion of border pre-clearance programs, and support for developing new technologies that will improve border crossings into the future.

EBTC ports of entry handled 62% of total US $583 billionUS – Canada trade in 2017. Of this total trade, US $336 Billion was surface trade, where 80% of total truck traffic and 70% of total rail traffic relied upon EBTC Region Ports of Entry.

Our Mission

EBTC provides leadership and informed dialog in improving the movement of goods and people across the Canada – US border.

Our Vision

The Eastern Border shall be a model of safe, efficient and sustainable transportation of goods and people between the United States and Canada.

Strategic Plan

Provide organizational, communications and administrative support to EBTC members.
Develop a common understanding of cross-border issues among Coalition members and as they relate to other transportation organizations.
Influence the development and implementation of federal and international policies that support EBTC’s mission and goals.
Work closely with US and Canadian Transportation and border agencies to assure the secure and safe efficient flow of people and goods across our borders.
Support and participate in the development of US/Canada cross-border planning and coordination initiatives.

Issue Papers