EBTC WEBINAR Presentations Nov 16 2022


2019 EBTC Workshop Presentations:   Fredericton, New Brunswick

Theme:  Changes in Critical Cross Border Trade and Transportation Logistics

EBTC 2019 Agenda               Delegates 2019

Canada US 2019 Economic Outlook – 2018 Trade Patterns

Regional Trade Corridors and Gateways

CN Rail           APTA          NBM Railways          Port Saint John           SEMCOG

Infrastructure Projects and Unique Operational Challenges

Gordie Howe International bridge             Madawaska_Edmundston International Bridge Replacement

US General Services Administration          Public Safety Canada Preclearance

International Bridges:  International Bridge Construction – Permits, Processes, Construction Challenges

Campobello Island – 1 Island, 2 Countries Campobello 2019


2018 EBTC Workshop September 12, 2018: Burlington, Vermont

THEME:  “Strong Connections / Strong Collaborations”  – Canada-U.S. Border Cooperation

EBTC Workshop 2018 Attendees

CBP Border Innovation                        DHS Update                                   Public Safety Preclearance

Atlantic Seaboard corridor                 Binational Connections in the Northeast

Buffalo Niagara Corridors                   CBSA Real Property Strategy      GSA Land Border Projects 2018

Railway Corridors                                 Vermont I35 Corridor Impact Analysis

Yarmouth Int ferry Service CAT        Trucking in Atlantic Canada


2017 Eastern Border Transportation Coalition Workshop: Montreal, Quebec

“Where Do We Go Now?”  The Next Chapter in Canada-U.S. Border Collaboration

EBTCMontrealWorkshopAttendees            EBTC Workshop Agenda 2017

CargoM-MagaliAmiel                                      Port of Montreal 2017         Federal Bridge View – Kinloch

Supply & Value Chain – Lynch                       CBI- Anderson                     Where Do We Go – Gagnon

Transport Canada                                             A Transportation Strategy for the GLSLR

A Partnership Between- Garry Douglas       Land Border Projects-Scalise                     Preclearance-Lawson


2016 Eastern Border Transportation Coalition Workshop: Detroit, Michigan

“Border Crossings of Today and Tomorrow – Gateways to Global Competitiveness”

EBTC-2016 Workshop-Agenda

Improving Passenger Rail Service                               Remarks Consul General George

Cross Border Institute -Anderson                                Transportation Trends Challenges and Market Forces – Lynch

Beyond the Border Action Plan – CBSA                      The Broken Border – Fox ON Trucking

Developing Regional Solutions-SEMCOG                  Regional Perspectives on the Border – Hutchins NITTEC

Windsor Border Initiatives_HerbGray – MTO           Sault Ste Marie International Bridge

Regional Perspectives on the Border- Reinas            Rail Preclearance – WSDOT

Land, Rail, Marine and Air Transportation Preclearance Agreement – Public Safety

Amtrak – Courtemanch                                                   Freight Preclearance – Gauthier


2014 Eastern Border Transportation Coalition Workshop : Toronto, Ontario

“Envisioning the Border of the Future” – September 16, 2014

Agenda                                                     Workshop Participants

1. Dr. Dan Lynch (Dalhousie University)/Ann Marie Schneider, (Michigan State University) Presentation

2. Laura Mester, Michigan Department of Transportation, Presentation

3. Robert Sharpe, New Brunswick Department of Transportation, Presentation

4. Douglas George, Canadian Consul General, Detroit, Presentation

5. Ann Marie Paul, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Presentation

6. Jennifer Fox, Ontario Trucking Association, Presentation

7. Ann Legars, Shipping Federation of Canada, Presentation

8. Mark High, Canada-US Business Association, Presentation

9. Dan Ujczo, Dickenson Wright, Presentation


2013 Eastern Border Transportation Coalition Workshop: Burlington, Vermont

Canada-U.S. Border “Dynamics of Change”             September 17, 2013

Agenda                                                     Registration List                                    Speaker Biographies

North American Trade, Traffic, and Logistics Trends – Overview

Extra Border Security and its Impact on Canada-United States Trade and Investment: Focus on the Quebec-Northern New York Corridor – Dr. Prem Gandhi & Dr. Neil Duffy

Summary of Findings

Trade, Traffic and Logistics Trends on the Canada-U.S. Border

Trade Up, Truck Volumes Down? Changes In Cross-Border Truck Flows in New York and Vermont – Costa Pappis

Multimodal Study on Freight Transportation in Québec – Claude Sirois

West Coast Trade, Traffic and Logistics Trends – Hugh Conroy

Private Sector Modal Perspectives

CSX – National Gateway & Montreal Expansion – Carl M Warren

Coordinated Clearance Point of Departure Determination – Critical Must Haves Beyond the Border Perimeter Strategy Must Deliver – Jim Phillips

Greening Transportation at North American Land Ports of Entry – Benjamin Teitelbaum

Beyond the Border Action Plan-Government Perspective

Transportation Perspective of the Border – Roger Petzold

Beyond the Border Pilot Projects Status

Pre-inspection Pilot at Pacific Highway Port of Entry – Hugh Conroy

AMTRAK International Operations Update – Ed Courtemanch

Trade, Traffic, Logistics Roundtable

General Logistics and Supply Chain Trends and Challenges -Dr. Daniel Lynch and AnnMarie Schneider


2012 Eastern Border Transportation Coalition: Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Enhancing Border Efficiency” – September 11, 2012


2011 Eastern Border Transportation Coalition Workshop: Saratoga Springs, New York

“Connectivity Beyond the Borders” – September 13, 2011

Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competiveness

Federal Transportation Policy – Future Directions for Border and Gateway Infrastructure Funding

Regional Freight Movement and Trade Facilitation

Bi-national and Corridor Planning

EBTC Member Updates


Canada-United States Cross-Border Rail Peer Exchange – May 25, 2011